What is the World Public Union?

The World Public Union is a group of Unions located all around the world that are created by people who care about humanity, and that are aware of the current perception of the standards of life and living based off of an economical system. We are all living beings, and therefore require some basic things to survive on a daily basis. Yet, we are all in a debt based economy because we have to pay for the things we need to survive and function on a daily basis as a species. This makes no sense whatsoever, and is perhaps the cruelest joke to ever be played on humanity in the history of our existence. Science proves we need food, warmth, shelter, water, and other elements to continue to live each day and raise a healthy family. Without these fundamentals we would perish. Therefore, we do not have the right to live and this is the reason many third world countries still starve while others thrive. Wars are funded, and the hungry are disregarded. Privately owned banks, rather than the bank of a country itself is to blame for these walls of division and the reason there is harly a middle class anymore, it is either rich or poor.

This group was created to remove these walls of division that has been placed upon us as a species. This group has no place for debating things that CANNOT be proven, as these are opinions, and an opinion creates a division or debate. We want to focus on the crimes against humanity happening all over the planet, the ones killing life all over. The Union views here are all points based on nothing but facts leaving science or mathematics, proven and world used methods to prove the points. This is a place for Unity to achieve common goals that all races in all countries share and require to be healthy and continue living in a modern world. Members of this group know that nothing they say or do will be heard or implemented by our current media and government systems. Negative physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life and living will continue to be forced upon us unless these Unions are formed and awareness is created. Love is hardly shown in our society, as negative emotions are fed into our minds from media. The time for the human spirit to come out in us all is now upon us.

Anyone who lives in a community that wishes to be involved that does not have a local established yet, please post a reply in the group page on Facebook and an administrator will assign you a local #. Please only post if you wish to form a local in your community to host events, information sessions, free documentary viewings, and the general spreading of awareness in your town to those who are members. Other unions will post statuses and activities to influence newer members etc. Word of mouth with positive encouragement is strongly welcomed and union based protests organized to be held at the same dates all over will be implemented.

Together, we can make a difference through Unity, Truth and Evolution by creating awareness and maintaining strong unity. This group has no leader, for it is a union and we all re-present ourselves as human beings, together in minds, bodies, and souls and together as a species, not races.

Union Details: Union members can assist in this struggle by posting important videos, changing their status, inviting members, hosting local information meetings or documentary viewings to explain the importance of stocking up on food/supplies before hand, benefits of being a member of the local, and having their name on a list to verify their membership. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ. The reason for this is so that in the event of a protest or (r)evolutionary act in your area, no violence is used and video cameras are encouraged to use as a means of evidence to its members peaceful message and approach to such an event as a protest where Police or Military are involved. As we have seen in the Middle East, many people were killed for protesting and it was most likely because they were throwing rocks or being violent and initiated these forces to act in violent ways. With your name as a member of the union, and if you protest in an area together with your union, YOU CANNOT BE DETAINED OF HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY MEANS OF OUR CIVIL RIGHTS AS HUMANS IN OUR COUNTRIES!

Thank you for your support and lets make this Union VIRAL before the internet gets shut down. Awareness and advanced knowledge is key in times like this.