8 Reasons The NWO Hates Syria

As the tensions build and the body count rises in Syria, many people are still confused as to what the real story is on what is happening in the country and it’s borders. In an age of misinformation spiced with disinformation perpetrated by the mainstream media, a source in which many people believe should be a reliable source of information, many people find themselves unsure as to what is really going on. Through all of the media lies and manipulation, one source has stayed on course reporting on the many problems that are facing Syrians in their current state of affairs. That particular individual is none other than Syrian Girl, Mimi Al Laham.

Many people have become familiar with her reports and videos which have recieved a considerable amount of views. She has always provided a great insight into the current situations happening in Syria and as a result has provided perhaps one of the most precise viewpoints on the situation happening there.

In the following video, she describes the 8 reasons why the New World Order agenda and it’s key figures have a deep interest in creating unstable conditions for the region so that they can implement a system of globalist control upon the population, gaining a strong hold in the already war torn region for their own greedy intentions. Just as all countries that do not adhere to the NWO agenda, the Jackals are called into the region to ensure absolute compliance.

In an era of psychological warfare, propaganda tactics and human rights abuses, it is very important that we know the truth of what is going on in Syria and if you are not aware of Syrian Girl’s perspective, it is strongly encouraged to take a listen to what she has to say and check out her many interviews on some notable programs. Subscribe to her Youtube channel through the video provided below and learn of 8 key reasons the NWO hates Syria.


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