March of Freedom Announced

To whom it may concern,

My name is Mark Howitt. Some of you may know me from the documentaries I have made, and others through the activist network I began called the World Public Union. Perhaps you may know me through past musical relations or socially through websites or other mediums. I am a film maker, activist, musician, and father of 2 beautiful children whom I love very much.

I have spent the last couple of years as a stay at home Dad to ensure that I was raising my children right without the influence of others and to save approximately $100 per day in day care costs. Even working a job, I did not make this much money in a single day and therefore it only made sense to stay at home to save costs and take care of my children from home while attempting to run a small business, a record label called Archaic North Entertainment and to focus on spreading awareness of global issues through the World Public Union. My wife was working a job to take care of the bills to pay for the costs of living which included rent, food, water, hydro, etc. She was recently laid off and so our family now has no income because of this. I also recently had to cancel my business because of financial problems involved with taxes and not making enough money from CD sales to keep the business going.

The reason I am writing this letter is to inform you that I have decided to put my life on hold, to walk away from it all to focus on something I have been planning for quite awhile now. I am putting everything on hold for something I feel is much more important than a single family alone, for it reflects millions of families all over the world no matter which area of the globe you live in. I have posted a video which further explains the reasoning for those who do not read this letter, but I feel that it is time to put an idea I have had for quite some time into action because I have always followed my gut instinct and it is now finally telling me that it is time. It is my destiny, and I know for certain that I was put here on this beautiful earth to do what I am about to do. Many people will not understand the reasoning for what I am doing, and some of my friends may be upset with this decision but I am hoping that the actions I am taking and what lies ahead in my future will eventually make sense to people. There will be millions, and perhaps billions of people however, who fully understand why I am doing what I am doing and to these people I say the beginning is upon us. The time is now, and the time is right.

On Wednesday July 17th, 2013 I will be leaving my life behind to embark on an incredible journey called the “March of Freedom”. I will be leaving my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario Canada and walking across Eastern Canada until I hit the Atlantic Ocean on the most Eastern point of Canada. The journey will take quite some time to accomplish however it is something that I must do. I have told very few people about this, and did not promote the event so that I could not be stopped by anyone for making this decision and taking this step. By the time you are reading this, I will already be on the road and the March of Freedom has begun.

As many of you are aware, we live in a world of corruption, lies, scandal, and human abuse on the part of governments and corporations around the world. The media generally ignores the most important issues and as time moves on key global events have unfolded displaying this corruption on a massive scale. Wars are funded instead of feeding the hungry and helping the sick. People are left to die on the streets because they cannot afford to pay the costs of living, our food supply is tainted and water is privatized. Nearly everything is now designed to make a profit off of other people and this has caused serious divisions and is a major cause of the problems we are seeing around the world. Governments and corporations have allowed this to take place, and do nothing to stop it. Instead of making cars that run off of free energy, fossil fuels are exploited so that globalists can profit from the basic necessities we require to survive as human beings on this planet.

The planet that I speak of and we live upon is not ours, it is everyones as a collective and in fact truly belongs to future generations, my children and yours. What we do today matters a great deal to the future. We do not have the right to ignore the well being of future generations in order to be comfortable in our own lives and we must give these future generations consideration in all actions that we take. It is one thing to know about the problems, but it is truly insane to me to ignore them just so that we can survive ourselves as individuals. This has created an unhealthy world and I feel it is time for there to be changes that benefit the sustainability of not only the human race, but also for the environment and our planet that we depend on so much for survival.

As I travel across Eastern Canada, I will be documenting my journey on video to create a reality show which will go by the same name, “March of Freedom”. The videos taken to document the journey will be edited while I am on the road and I will be uploading episodes to my Youtube channel which has nearly 3 million views, and on the Official Facebook page for the “March of Freedom”. The videos taken will be edited along the way eventually creating a full season of episodes documenting what unfolds. I plan on meeting with administrators for local World Public Union chapters to help develop the group in their area and there will be many new local chapters established. Anyone who wishes to take part in the “March of Freedom” can do so, as the hope is to create a peaceful, non-violent mobile march to spread awareness on a massive level.

Since there are many dangers and laws against travelling on major highways in Canada, and I do not wish to be arrested on this trek I will have to hitch-hike or catch a ride to some areas that are on the list but the rest of the journey will be on foot for the most part and I will be camping out for many nights along the way. Anyone who wishes to contribute in any way to assist me on this mission can do so by donating or offering help however they feel necessary and would be truly appreciated. It is important to work together especially when it comes to important issues and I firmly believe that this event will make a difference if we all do what we can to make a better world for not only ourselves, but future generations to live in.

I will be checking my emails on WIFI whenever I get the opportunity and if any media outlets would like an interview or discuss things please get in touch. I can be contacted through the World Public Union website email and if anyone is interested to set up a seminar or event in their community where we can discuss these issues it would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful to the movement. Major cities that will be visited along the way include North Bay, Barrie, Toronto, Oshawa, Ottawa, Montreal, Moncton, Halifax and many others that are near the routing of these cities. If you live in any of these areas please keep in touch and stay up to date on developments to see where the March will be going next. It is extremely important that we effectively network and come together for the common good of humanity, and although I will only be travelling through Eastern Canada this movement represents the world as a whole.

I hope that what I am doing will make a difference for everyone and with the help of others make a greater impact on the issues that will be addressed in the show. I believe that this is the first of its kind, a reality show about our reality and I will do my best to self document as much as possible to make for an exciting series of episodes showing the true potential of the human spirit, body and mind. I know that there is love in the world, I see it and I feel it inside of me and it is time for us all to come together in a time when the world needs it most. It is time to stop thinking only of ourselves, and to start thinking about solving the most important problems that we face. We need to care for one another, instead of trying to profit from others and not caring about the well being and sustainability of those we share this earth with, and the earth itself.

It is now time for me to leave and begin this epic journey. It is time for the “March of Freedom”.