World Public Union

The World Public Union is a gathering of aware, caring, and perceptible beings thriving to spread awareness within their communities around the globe. We want to help enlighten those around us to open their eyes to the social, ethical, criminal, and unjust issue’s that are happening in our own backyards.

We are aware of the fundamentals we need to survive as a species, and we are tired of being used like cattle by the powers that govern us. We are fed up with the amount of negativity being spread around the world by corporate media, pushing humanity further away from what really makes us human beings.

This is a place for Unity, to achieve common goals that all races in all countries share. We are here to break down the walls of division that have been placed amongst us to feel separated from the world based on nationalism race and religion. We understand and feel that we are all made up of flesh, blood, and spirit.

We unite for a common goal, peace on earth. We are human, and we have needs in order to survive. The idea alone that we need to slave for a system in order to survive is preposterous. Negative physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life and living will continue to be forced upon us unless these Unions are formed ,and awareness is created. Love is hardly shown in our society, as negative emotions are fed into our minds from the media without many even realizing it. The time for the human spirit to come out in us all is now upon us.

Together, we can make a difference. This group has no leader, for it is a union and we all re-present ourselves as human beings, together in minds, bodies, and souls and together as a species, not races. Through Unity, Truth and Evolution, we can make this planet a better place for all those who want to be.